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Five Acts Round Six


+ Post a list of your five favorite acts/kinks to read about. Check out this list if you need some inspiration. At the bottom of your post, add what fandoms/pairings you're interested in.
+ Read other people's lists; the master list of lists is here.
+ Post comment-fic based off of other people's interests.

My Acts:

Crossovers/Fusions/AUs: Alter canon any which way and I'm guaranteed to be intrigued. Have Spencer Reid and Mike Ross meet up, let Team Free Will become the Avengers, make Adam Milligan a nurse, and I'll love you. These are just a few examples. Godspeed, however you choose to take this.
Mpreg/Kidfic: I know a lot of people are squicked by mpreg, so it doesn't necessarily have to be involved, but I adore the thought of otherwise gruff men handling babies and small children. It makes me melt into a puddle of goo. Just, ugh.
Guilt/Hurt/Comfort: I have such a thing for one character hurting another, then feeling really terrible over it and wanting to redeem themselves, but my hurt characters are very particular. I mean, although I'll be happy whoever is in whatever role, I prefer certain characters over others. I love, for example, anyone at all guilting over slighting Adam from Supernatural in some way. Look at the characters I ship with 'anyone' below. They're generally the ones I want whumped.
Courtship/Bonding/Claiming: Color me old-fashioned, but I like cute courtship rituals and love the 'bonding/mating' motif in supernatural stories (not capital 's' Supernatural, though that can obviously apply). Monroe trying to woo Nick with his astounding hunting prowess, Castiel leaving Dean feathers as a gift, and so on. Rough gestures, too - collaring, biting, leaving hickeys, etc.
BDSM: Because I should have an actual kink. Dom/sub relationships, master/slave, sex toys, rough sex, some of the darker gestures from above, tying/pinning someone down, cock/ball/ass play (worship and/or torture). Go crazy.

My Fandoms/Pairings: I prefer slash or gen.

Supernatural: Michael/Adam, any combination of Sam/Adam/Dean, Adam/anyone, Sam/Dean, Dean/Castiel, Sam/Lucifer, Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Gabriel, Jeffrey/Demon, everyone/everyone. With the exception of my minor stipulation above, I can ship pretty much anyone with anyone in Supernatural.
Criminal Minds: Morgan/Reid, Hotch/Reid, Rossi/Reid, Reid/anyone.
Suits: Harvey/Mike, Louis/Harold (but no smut for Louis, okay?).
Avengers: Steve/Tony, Thor/Loki, Tony/Loki, Loki/anyone.
Grimm: Monroe/Nick, Renard/Nick, Barry/Roddy.
Being Human USA: Aidan/Josh, Bishop/Aidan, Aidan/Henry, Josh/Ray, threesomes/moresomes.
BBC Merlin/Arthurian Legends: Arthur/Merlin, Merlin/anyone, knights/knights, any pairings inspired by Arthurian legends, especially with the character Mordred (not specifically the Mordred of BBC, but other incarnations).
♥ These are only a few of the fandoms I currently read in, but if you look at my masterpost, you can get inspiration for other fandoms I'd love to see you work with, be it the main fandom you gift for me or merely inspiration for crossovers/fusions. Remember, crossover pairings are not just okay, but awesome. :D

Fills by Me:

[Grimm]: Barry's Tale (Barry/Roddy, medieval AU, PG-13) for bellacatbee.
♣ [Supernatural]: The Secrets That You Keep (Michael/Adam, alpha/omega!werewolves AU, pregnancy!kink, touching in bed, NC-17) for bballgirl3022.
♣ [Supernatural]: Guardian Human (Dean/Castiel, egg!fic, mating, collars, apocalypse, kidnapping, PG-13) for demira_watson.
♣ [Supernatural]: Operation Seduce Dean Winchester (Dean/Adam, biting, orgasm denial, some domesticity, sexual movements, NC-17) for synnerxx.
♣ [Supernatural]: Holy Night Lights (Michael/Adam/Nick, Lima syndrome, time travel, revelations, PG-13) for shadownashira.
♣ [Merlin]: The Force (Arthur/Merlin, Star Wars fusion, pain/hurt, anger, shoving against walls, PG) for ienablu.
♣ [Percy Jackson]: Vulnerable (Luke/Percy, hurt/comfort, playing hard to get, inexperience, PG-13) for babydracky.

Fills for Me:

♣ [Supernatural]: Nurse Milligan (Michael/Adam, hospital AU, NC-17) by bellacatbee.
♣ [Grimm]: Babysitting (Barry/Roddy + Monroe/Nick, kid!fic, PG-13) by bballgirl3022.
♣ [Supernatural]: Spiderman!Adam and Nerd!Michael (Michael/Adam, superhero AU, PG-13) by demira_watson.
♣ [Supernatural]: Verse for Forgiveness (Dean/Adam, guilt/hurt/comfort + claiming, NC-17) by synnerxx.
♣ [Supernatural/Criminal Minds]: Partners (Dean/Gabriel, bonding/claiming + crossovers, PG) by shadownashira.
♣ [Supernatural/Criminal Minds]: Untitled (Reid/Adam, crossovers + guilt, PG) by ienablu.
♣ [Arthurian Legends]: Untitled (Galahad/Mordred, BDSM, hurt/comfort, claiming, NC-17) by babydracky.
♣ [Supernatural]: Imagine Me and You (Michael/Adam + Lucifer/Adam, AU, mpreg, guilt, bonding, NC-17) by _bluebells.


Apr. 14th, 2012 03:03 am (UTC)
Verse For Forgiveness - SPN, Dean/Adam, Hurt/Comfort/Guilt, Claiming, NC-17
When Adam is sprung from the Cage, no one knows how he is, but no one is really questioning it right now, Dean really can't look at him in the eye for awhile after that. He chose Sam over Adam and though he would do it all over again in a heartbeat and make the same choice, he still feels guilty over leaving the kid down there with Michael and Lucifer.

Adam certainly isn't helping, snide comments and glares every chance he gets aimed at Dean. Sam doesn't interfere much anymore. It only makes things worse as he's found out and turns Adam's wrath on him.

The kid doesn't talk much about what happened to him down in the Cage, but sometimes, when he sleeps, he mutters the name 'Delial', but won't say who that is when questioned the morning after. Sam tries to get him to open up, but Adam is proving to be just as stubborn as Dean can be when talking about feelings.

Dean finds himself drawn to Adam, despite the guilt he feels when he catches sight of a scar on Adam's skin, or the haunted look in his eyes. He can't help himself, really.

Adam is leaning against the hotel wall, smoking a cigarette. Adam knows that Sam and Dean disapprove, but he doesn't really give a shit anyway. He exhales a ring of smoke and doesn't look at Dean. "What do you want?"

What did he want? Dean doesn't really know. He steps closer to Adam, wanting those eyes on him, even if they were narrowed in a glare, but Adam didn't seem to be in a fighting mood. He seemed tired, a bone deep tired that no amount of sleep could cure.

He takes to cigarette from Adam's hand and tosses it on the ground, listening to it hiss in the puddle before going out. Then he presses Adam against the wall, into the shadows and slides to his knees, ignoring the pain that throbs through them and the dampness spreading across his jeans. Adam doesn't do anything as he reaches for the zipper on Adam's pants and pull them down around his knees.

Adam's already half-hard by the time Dean takes him into his mouth. Adam's fingers tangle in his hair, but he lets Dean set the pace. Dean is glad because it's been awhile since he's done this for someone and he's sure it's not the greatest blowjob ever, messy and too wet, saliva dripping off his chin, but he puts effort into it and soon Adam is tugging on his hair as a warning, but he ignores it and lets Adam come in his mouth.

He swallows it all down and then tucks Adam back into his jeans and stands up, wiping his mouth off roughly. Adam studies him in the dim light and then reverses their positions, pressing Dean against the wall. Dean lets him, feeling that familiar guilt as he meets Adam's gaze.

Adam ducks his head and sucks on Dean's throat, just above his collarbone, leaving a mark. Dean doesn't protest, but his hands come up to grip Adam's shoulders.

"Does this make you mine now?" Adam asks, a cruel smirk on his face.

Dean doesn't answer him, just stares at something beyond his shoulder.

"Too bad I don't really want you. Or Sam." Adam sneers before letting go of Dean and walking away, reaching in his pockets for a cigarette.

Dean sighs heavily and wonders when everything spiraled out of his control. He pushes himself off the wall and goes back into his room, nodding at Sam and pretending everything is okay.

The next morning, Adam is back in the Impala, staring out the window and ignoring everything that Dean and Sam say to him.

The day after that, he's gone without a trace.
Apr. 14th, 2012 05:18 pm (UTC)
Re: Verse For Forgiveness - SPN, Dean/Adam, Hurt/Comfort/Guilt, Claiming, NC-17

So. Much. Angst. It's so them and it's perfect. I love that Adam is so unforgiving and that he disappears in the end. It's different from the usual and I like Adam unforgiving. It should take more than one blow job for him to be okay with all the crap.

Apr. 14th, 2012 06:21 pm (UTC)
Re: Verse For Forgiveness - SPN, Dean/Adam, Hurt/Comfort/Guilt, Claiming, NC-17
<3 yay! i'm glad you liked this. I wasn't sure if it was too OOC for them, but I like unforgiving!Adam and Dean has a lot to repent for and one blowjob really isn't even going to scratch the surface of it all.



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